Understanding Violence in Adolescents

6 Week Course // Oct 5 – Nov 9 // Every Thursday 2pm-6pm

Please note: This course takes place every Thursday for six weeks. We will meet at 2pm and the course will end at 6pm. You must attend all six session to receive a certficate of completion.


Understanding Violence: Oct. 05 – 2pm-6pm // Understanding Violence: An introduction severe violence within a youth context; understanding why young people are violent.

Trauma and Personality Development: Oct. 12 – 2pm-6pm // Understanding trauma; the affects of trauma in childhood and adolescence; trauma within a prison context; working with young people dealing with trauma.

Gangs and Identity Formation: Oct. 19 –  2pm-6pm // Working with gang associated young people; understanding violence within a gang context; managing conflict; Gangs and PSTD.

Young Women & Violence: Oct. 26 – 2pm-6pm // Exploring the role of young women as both victims and perpertrators.

Thinking About Adolesence In Prison: Nov. 2 –  2pm-6pm // How prison can impact adolescent development; key ways of working with adolescents within prison; how to reduce violence in the adolenscent prison population.

Prevention, Intervention and Solutions: Nov. 9 – 2pm-6pm // Exploring ideas around violence reduction with a focus on creating positive peace.